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I needed some me time!

Last year was an amazing year for me personally and professionally. Early this year I decided I needed to take a small step back and focus on some personal things. Deal with things that needed to be dealt with on a deeper level. (yea, it sounds corny but it's true.)

I had to kind of get some of my shit together. And I'm doing much better. I'm working on me everyday and I'm happy with who I'm becoming and what I'm doing with my life. Some times it's still rough but I'm a work in progress. Professionally I'm learning so much this year and am ready to step things up again.

So, I haven't taken on as many wedding clients this year but, I still have lots of friends with little ones. And little ones are good for your sanity! My friend, Chelley, calls this baby crack. She always tells me I can come over anytime for some baby crack. I've posted pictures of this little dude before. Alex has been continually stealing my heart and the heart of everyone around him since he was born nearly a year ago. Chelley was right though, baby crack heals!

Without further ado, Alex!

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