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10 things you should ask your potential wedding photographer!

When I meet a potential client I have the same spiel. I tell them a little about me, how I started, what to expect on their wedding day with me as their photographer. I also, tell them what to expect from me in the months leading up to their wedding day. They sometimes have questions for me too. There are many things you should be asking your photographer. There are also other things to consider. For example, we are with you all day long, you need to make sure you like us as a person as well as love our work! Below are 10 questions/things to consider before booking any wedding photographer.

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I’ve put together a little list for those of you out there who will be looking for a photographer! 1.) First and foremost, do you like their work?

This is SO important. You can’t change your photographer’s style. The way they photograph is unique to them. If you want a very artsy style wedding, don’t go asking a photographer who likes to capture moments as they happen.

2.) Secondly! Are they in your price range?

Again. Important. Not always negotiable. Although, there are times when our prices may be negotiable. For example, getting married in wedding off season (November-February in Cincinnati) means you may be able to negotiate a different rate. Most photographers aren’t very busy during those times and may be willing to help you out!

3.) What do they offer in their packages?

Will you get the rights to all of your photos? How many hours will your photographer be with you? Every photographer is different so it’s important to make sure you get what you want! For example a lot of my packages include an engagement session and all of my packages include a flash drive of all your edited photos with the rights! You also want to ask what the fee would be if your photographer has to stay longer than what you had previously agreed on. This may be a good reason to splurge on the 10 hour package vs. the 8 hour package. 4.) How much is the deposit? When is it due and when is the remaining balance due? This is super important. You will need to give your photographer a deposit. This holds your wedding date with them and also ensures that if you were to cancel within a few months of your wedding that your photographer is compensated. Why do we usually have non-refundable deposits? It’s unlikely we will be able to book another wedding on your date depending on when you cancel. If you cancel in plenty of time some photographers may be willing to give your deposit but it’s not guaranteed.

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5.) What happens if (god forbid) the photographer gets sick? As a photographer who works solo (with the exception of my awesome assistant Lindsey and second shooters if you book one) this is a valid question to ask. Thankfully I have a network of other amazing photographers in the area. If something were to happen and I would reach out to them and find an available photographer for your date. I would obviously clear everything with you first. But, for the record, I’ve never missed a wedding and I usually only get sick in January! 6.) How long before we will get our photos? For wedding photos I usually tell my clients 6-8 weeks and they will have their photos! Sometimes sooner, but the 6-8 weeks gives me enough time when my season is particularly busy.

7.) How many weddings have they shot? This is a good one because it will show you how much experience they have being in charge at a wedding. Are they comfortable telling people where to go, posing people and moving things along quickly? It’s a judgement call on your part as to what would be an acceptable number to you. But anyone who has booked a minimum of 10 weddings on their own I would say is doing really well for someone who is starting out. And for the record, as of this blog I’ve been the lead photographer on approximately 25 weddings! With 10 more booked for this year! 8.) Do you offer the option to print photos or albums? This is important because so many people aren’t interested in using their photographer for prints anymore. They’re choosing to do the printing and album design on their own. For example, my packages don’t typically include printing but it is something we can absolutely add to your wedding package. I have several places I use for printing and can either direct you to those places to print on your own or I can help you with that. The same goes with albums. I can design it and order it for you or I can point you in the direction of those places I would recommend and you can create it yourself. I’m more than happy to help either way!

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9.) What will your photographer wear to your wedding? Me and my team will show up looking professional. We don’t want to stand out, that’s the brides job. Lastly, not so much a question for your photographer, but more so a question for you and your fiancé. 10.) Did you like the photographer? Do you like their personality? Can you see yourself spending an entire day with them following you around, taking your photo and sometimes telling you what to do? It’s important that you “click” (oh yes, I just made a photography pun) with your photographer and enjoy them. A photographer can be talented but if the chemistry isn’t there, move on. So often, I become good friends with my clients. I love seeing their families grow and being the person they call when they want some new photos. It’s one of the awesome perks about my job.

I hope these help you in your search!

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