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Micayla {senior session} and she's pretty amazing.

So, my boyfriend has a daughter. She's super smart. She's graduating high school this year, a whole year early. To say her family is proud of her is an understatement. When she asked me if I would shoot her senior photos for her I was so honored. Getting in good with the boyfriend's daughter is important! If she didn't like me it would make for difficult times ahead!

But, when she came to visit last month we spent some time together shopping and hanging out before we took her photos. She told me about some ideas she had for her photos and I got real excited. I had so much fun spending time with her the week she was here.

The day came for her senior photos and the weather was perfect. I found this great space at Sharon woods where we started and got to work. I couldn't ask for a more amazing model! She's gorgeous, smart, funny and I just love being around her.

Enjoy some of these photos of our amazing Micayla. So proud to know you and be your friend! Now I just have to try and decide which ones to hang up!

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