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Oh, Alms Park and a gorgeous couple!

I want to share a wedding with you. Most of my couples I meet prior to their wedding day. We meet, we talk and I make them my newest BFF's. But, this couple, that was not the case. You see, Danielle and John live in New York City! But, John's from Cincinnati!

Danielle did her homework and found me on instagram! We emailed and we chatted on the phone but I didn't meet them until their wedding day!

I was nervous but not for long. This couple was amazing. I was in love with their personalities and all the details of their day. I also got to shoot photos at a new location for me, Alms Park.

It was a chilly October day, probably the coldest but we still had a wonderful day.

There's a lot of photos because it was realllly hard for me to choose! I hope you enjoy and if you know anyone looking for a photographer holla at ya girl! lol, yea, i know, i'm weird.


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