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Let me introduce you to....

Lindsey! Lindsey is my assistant. She is 16 and amazing. Though, I'm biased because she's my cousin.

Well, she's my husband's cousin, and therefore mine by marriage.

I've known Lindsey since she was 5 years old. She was absolutely adorable and my first memory of her is her asking me to help her look at those I spy books.

Ever since then she and I have been doing things together. Once I got my first DSLR I needed a willing subject to practice my photography on. Lindsey was the PERFECT subject. Old enough to listen and do what I asked and she was and always has been beautiful.

We explored the city together and as I got better she became more and more interested in photography. She started coming with me to all my weddings. Carrying bags and being a wonderful subject to test my lighting on.

Then I upgraded my camera and gave Lindsey my old one. She started taking photos and I couldn't be happier with her progress.

She comes to most of my weddings and sessions with me and she is the greatest assistant I could ask for. Working with family is awesome and we have a great time. It's also really wonderful to have watched her and help her grow.

To end our post, here's 2 photos Lindsey took in December at our last wedding of 2014!

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