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a personal post... <3

Sometimes I think, I'm lucky. I look at all I have and am blown away by how different my life is now than a year ago, 2 years or 5 years. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Everything I've done has led me here. Yea, yea, I sound cliche but whatever.

Let me tell you about Justin. This man has changed my life. He's made me so happy. He makes me laugh and I have fun with him. He's up for anything and will do anything to help me out. I have someone I can count on, always. I mean always. When you finally have that in life it's the best feeling in the world. Justin is my best friend and confidant and I feel lucky.

Then this man brings into my life his little girl. Sophia is amazing. She's just like her Dad, and her Mom. Her mother and I both agree though, she's Justin's mini me. She makes me laugh constantly and the learning curve with having a 7 year old around has been interesting, but Justin is a great help. I've got it now.

Nothing prepares you for being a "step parent." Nothing prepares you for meeting the ex. It can be scary and nerve wracking. But, again, I got lucky. Sophia's mom has been nothing but kind and helpful to me. She and I can get along and we actually like each other. I know one day Sophie is going to thank all 3 of us for this. One day she's going to tell us how thankful she is to be able to have all of her parents in one room without any issues. She'll thank us for not making her choose one side or the other. Because she's the most important thing and there's no use making it difficult. We do this for her.

This Christmas was amazing. The joy and magic of spending Christmas with a 7 year old is infinitely better than any Christmas since I was like 10. The elves visited us early so we could have Christmas with her.

Then, earlier this year my best friend got married. I thought I was done being super emotional at weddings and then Megan got married. I cried. I laughed and we all looked good. That weekend was so much fun and Justin got to spend time with all my friends and they got to know him. They all love him! Did I mention how good we all looked?? I mean, check out this photo of me, my sister and our best friend Megan!

On top of all that my photography business has been amazing. I have the best clients. Literally, THE BEST! I've taken some of my best photos yet, and I promise to make a blog post of some of my favorites in the beginning of the year.

I don't know if 2018 has been lucky or if all this has been written in the stars for a long time. Either way, I'm happy. I'm absolutely, over the moon happy with my life.

Now, I just need to lose the weight I put on over the holidays!


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