Cincinnati, you beautiful city.

This week I challenged myself to go out and take some photos. A friend of mine wanted some skyline photos so I said let's go! We headed over to Covington because that's my favorite place for some skyline love! It's also one of my favorite places for wedding photos. There's so many awesome places over there that make a beautiful backdrop for some gorgeous engagement or wedding photos.


A lot of times I go over there to just look and never even pick up (or bring) my camera. I think to myself, "oh, I've taken so many photos of the skyline before, I don't need anymore."

But, I told myself I was just going to take some photos this week of whatever and so I did. I challenged myself with some different photos than I normally take over there and it made me excited to share them! I tried to grab some different angles than I usually do and different spots as well. It also made me excited to think about visiting some other places in the city this week to grab some photos.

After our trip into Covington we made our way around to Mt. Adams where I captured the last photo in the post. It's one of my favorites as the sun was setting and the colors are just gorgeous.

I think I'll be making my way over to Ault Park this week to get some photos of the cherry blossoms. And if you've never been there to see the blossoms you should go. This week or they'll be gone. They don't stick around very long!

Enjoy my photos!

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